Extending MOT Deadline Poses Increased Risk on UK Roads, Says TyreSafe

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February 2, 2023

TyreSafe, has raised concerns over the potential risks of extending the requirement for a vehicle's first MOT. If comes after the Department for Transport and Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency announced a consultation to change the date of the first MOT for new light vehicles from 3 to 4 years.

According to the DFT and DVSA, the change should not impact road safety, as the first MOT for new vehicles in many European countries is four years. The DfT also claims that data shows most new vehicles pass their first MOT at 3 years, and that the change would save vehicle owners £40 each over four years or £100m for all motorists, depending on the number of new vehicle sales.

TyreSafe, on the other hand, has warned that extending the first MOT will increase the risk of accidents on British roads. Tyres are susceptible to damage on any journey and play an important role in determining how a vehicle responds to acceleration, braking, and steering inputs. The condition of a vehicle's tyres is only checked when the vehicle is submitted for a MOT or service. your writing. Begin by writing or pasting something here, and then press the button.

According to TyreSafe's research, a large proportion of motorists do not check their vehicle's tyres regularly enough. Over 2 million cars fail their MOT each year, with over 1 million of these failures due to serious defects, which pose a serious safety risk.

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe Chair, said: "Advances in vehicle and tyre technology make modern vehicles safer than they ever have been, however, tyres need to be checked regularly and too many drivers don't take tyre maintenance seriously."

He added, "The casualty figures prove hundreds of lives are changed each year as a result of incidents involving vehicle defects. We should work to reduce those, not increase the likelihood of creating more."

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