Esken Renewables Boosts Efficiency with Switch to Michelin Tyres

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January 6, 2023

In an effort to lower fuel costs and minimise downtime, Esken Renewables, the largest supplier of biomass fuel in the UK, has switched the majority of its fleet to Michelin tyres.

In a three-year agreement overseen by the company's Services & Solutions division, the Widnes-based business, which provides 1.7 million tonnes of fuel to biomass plants, has switched 75% of its 123 trucks and 150 trailers to Michelin's X Multi and X Works tyres. The fleet, which has 150 specialised moving floor trailers and is based at 13 depots throughout the UK, travels up to 100,000 km annually.

According to Esken Renewables Distribution Manager, John Dickson, the switch to Michelin was driven by the company's desire to find "fuel savings and longevity" and by the tyre manufacturer's "superb customer service". Dickson added: "If we have a question or we need some information or advice they are always quick to respond."

Additionally, Esken Renewables is testing Michelin's Connected Fleet Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on its trailers with the intention of implementing it across the entire fleet. Drivers can quickly check the condition of their tyres from their cabs thanks to the TPMS, which also alerts them to punctures and the compliance of the vehicle's braking system.

In an effort to cut down on call-out fees and limit tyre damage, Esken Renewables Fleet and Engineering Manager Joe Sweeney is closely collaborating with Michelin Services & Solutions Key Account Manager Matt Neale on an education programme for the company's transport operations team and drivers.

“We want to streamline our operations and make everything run more efficiently, and Michelin is definitely playing a big part in this initiative,” he says. “It offers reliability, expertise in the correct fitting of tyres and there are no supply issues with the kit we’re after. That’s the kind of customer service we need.” Sweenet added.

More information on how Michelin assists transport businesses achieve its sustainability goals and run more efficiently can be found at

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