ENSO's Double A-Rated Tyres: Elevating the Standards for Taxi Drivers

With the increasing number of miles covered by taxi drivers daily, there is a growing demand for higher-performance tyres that are tailored to the needs of professional drivers. To aid in the selection process, the European tyre label provides a valuable tool for cabbies, allowing them to compare standardised performance tests for energy efficiency and wet grip.

In this article, we delve into how these ratings work and explore the availability of 'double A' rated tyres for the LEVC TX, one of the most popular taxi models.

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ENSO's Double A-Rated Tyres: Elevating the Standards for Taxi Drivers
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June 1, 2023

Understanding Tyre Ratings:

The European tyre label, introduced by the European Union in 2012, offers consumers standardised information about the performance of tyres. Two key factors are highlighted in these labels: energy efficiency and wet grip. The energy efficiency rating ranges from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and indicates the rolling resistance of the tyre. On the other hand, the wet grip rating also ranges from A to G, assessing a tyre's ability to maintain traction on wet roads.

The Quest for 'Double A' Rated Tyres:

Double A rated tyres refer to tyres that have received the highest possible rating for both fuel efficiency and wet grip on the European tyre label. Achieving the double A rating indicates exceptional performance in these crucial areas. For taxi drivers, this means not only saving fuel but also experiencing superior braking capabilities on wet surfaces.

Introducing ENSO Tyres:

In a positive development for the taxi industry, ENSO, a newcomer to the market, has introduced a range of double A-rated EV tyres specifically designed for the LEVC TX. These tyres offer increased electric range, better longevity, and reduce dangerous particulate matter emissions by up to 35%. ENSO Tyres have surpassed the performance of standard-fit tyres, making them an excellent choice for taxi drivers.

Other Tyre Options for the LEVC TX:

While ENSO Tyres lead the way with their double A rating, it is worth mentioning other popular options available for the LEVC TX. Maaxis tyres, for example, have achieved a rating of C for both efficiency and wet grip. However, in comparison to the double A-rated ENSO Tyres, they do not provide the same level of performance and benefits.

ENSO's Commitment to Quality and Sustainability:

G Erlendsson, CEO of ENSO, emphasizes the company's dedication to delivering high-quality tyres while challenging the traditional low-cost, low-quality industry model. ENSO aims to sell fewer tyres of exceptional quality, breaking the cycle of false economy prevalent in the market. In line with their commitment to sustainability, ENSO's tyres are sold direct-to-consumer, eliminating additional costs associated with third-party distribution.

Seize the Opportunity:

To encourage taxi drivers to experience the benefits of double A-rated tyres, ENSO is offering London's cabbies a special launch offer.

By visiting the EV Service Hub in London, taxi drivers can upgrade to a full set of double A tyres at a reduced rate of £299.

This not only contributes to reducing the environmental impact of tyres but also plays a role in disrupting the traditional tyre industry model.

Learn more here: http://www.enso.london/

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