Continental's Latest Agricultural Tyre Technology Help Farmers Reduce Soil Compaction

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April 13, 2023

Continental, has introduced two fresh technologies targeting decreased soil compaction and increased efficacy in farming equipment. These innovative technologies, N-Flex and single wire bead construction, enable farmers and contractors to decrease tyre pressures in the field, thereby reducing the weight of machinery and lessening fuel consumption, without the risk of tyres coming off the wheels.

The N-Flex technology, which was first showcased as a prototype at Agritechnica in 2017 and officially launched earlier this year in the United Kingdom at LAMMA, utilizes a heat-treated nylon layer beneath the rubber. This material helps the tyre to regain its original form following impacts and heavy use, minimizing the occurrence of flat spots and providing operators with a more comfortable ride. Furthermore, N-Flex permits the tyre to be operated at lower pressures, which helps to distribute the weight of the machine and reduce soil compaction.

Richard Hutchins, an agricultural tyre specialist at Continental, stated, “Incorrect tyre pressure is not only a major cause of soil compaction, but also damages the tyre, lowers work rates, and increases fuel consumption. N-Flex technology helps mitigate these problems and provides a range of benefits for farmers and contractors.”

Another technology introduced by Continental is a major development in the tyre bead construction. Many agricultural tyres employ multiple wires to create one bead, but Continental believes that this may cause weaknesses and increase the risk of the tyre detaching from the rim, particularly at low pressures. By employing a single wire construction that wraps around the circumference of the tyre up to 100 times, Continental has developed an agricultural tyre that maintains its shape even when operating at very low pressures.

Richard added, “The bead is as critical as the rubber and nylon in a tyre. Our research showed a more flexible tyre with a stronger single bead construction can be run at a lower pressure, which helps reduce soil compaction. Tyres with a single wire bead are also safer and quicker to fit, and grip the rim even at very low pressures.”

Initially, Continental has applied this technology to combine harvester and tractor (>200hp) tyres, with tractor tiyes offered in 65, 70, and 85 Series from 24” to 42” and combine harvester tyres offered at 32”. Larger tractor tyre sizes will be available before the end of this year.

Overall, the N-Flex technology and single wire bead construction represent significant advancements for the agricultural sector. They help to reduce soil compaction, enhance efficacy, and provide a more comfortable ride for operators. With larger tyre sizes to be launched later this year, Continental is poised to make a major impact on the agricultural tyre market.

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