Continental's Hybrid Generation 5 Tyres Win Red Dot Award for Outstanding Design

Continental's latest tyre offering, the Hybrid Generation 5, has earned the prestigious Red Dot Award for product design. The two commercial vehicle tyres, the Hybrid HS5 and Hybrid HD5, stood out from the competition and took home the award for their innovative design and high-performance capabilities.

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April 20, 2023

The new tyres have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of daily operation in the transport and logistics industry. They have been engineered to cope with frequent acceleration, braking, manoeuvring and cornering on a variety of road surfaces.

The Hybrid Generation 5 tyres offer high mileage, excellent durability, and optimum traction. In addition, they help to reduce a truck's fuel consumption effectively and minimise fleet costs due to their lowered rolling resistance.

Tyre design plays a crucial role in reinforcing brand identity by emphasising innovative strength and technological sophistication. The design of the Hybrid Generation 5 tyres highlights the operating principles at play, making them easily distinguishable from other brands. The hexagonal hatching effect on the tyre sidewall links it to the segment covered by the Conti Hybrid Generation 5 series, which has a strong brand-enhancing effect when fitted to a vehicle.

The tyre's design language also indicates its use in freight haulage, with new application icons combining with the product name to illustrate the tyre's suitability for different road conditions. The overall development concept has been thoroughly successful, getting the vote of professionals on both a functional and design level.

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