Continental Tractor85 Tyres Outperform in Extreme Heat and Demanding Work Conditions

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January 5, 2023

Walter Dandie and Sons, a mixed farmer and contractor based near Edinburgh, have reported impressive performance from Continental Tractor85 tyres on a John Deere 6155R.

After fitting the tyres to the tractor in September 2021, the company put them through a demanding autumn of road work and a particularly hot summer of farming.

In an effort to increase tyre life, efficiency, and durability, mixed farmer and contractor Walter Dandie and Sons decided to instal Continental tyres on a John Deere 6155R in 2021. Image: Continental

Despite running the tyres at high pressure on roads and experiencing hot conditions, William Dandie, a member of the fourth generation to farm on the 3,000 acre site, reported no flat spots and minimal wear.

The tyres, which feature Continental’s patented N.flex layer to maintain shape and protect against foreign objects, also demonstrated good self-cleaning properties and remained flexible in the heat. After 2,000 hours of work, including hauling a 16 tonne grain trailer over a six week period, the Tractor85s still have plenty of tread remaining.

Continental has been producing the Tractor85 at a facility in Lousado, Portugal for the past five years, marking their return to agricultural tyre production after almost twenty years of production by Czech brand Mitas under the Continental brand. The Tractor85s come with a ten-year warranty.

The Tractor85 is a versatile, heavy-duty farm tire that can be used in any season and on any surface. Its nylon carcass and N.flex technology make it durable and flexible, able to absorb impacts for a comfortable ride. It also has low soil compaction due to its Bead technology, and its smooth interlug design and center line provide good self-cleaning properties.

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