Bridgestone Alenza Tyres OE on Lexus RX

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November 29, 2022

Lexus has chosen Bridgestone's Alenza 001 and Alenza Sport A/S tyres as OE for the Lexus RX.

The Alenza 001 and Alenza Sport A/S tyres for the 2017 RX are 'Dan-Totsu' goods that use the tyre technology Enliten. Dan-Totsu is a Japanese term for the "absolute and clear leader," which Lexus embraced as part of its five-year plan.

Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S

According to Bridgestone, we live in a culture where mobility is carbon-neutral, the Enliten technology in the tyres is appropriate for EVs. In addition to having a contact patch and pattern design specifically created for the RX, these tyres' tyre casings use materials that lower rolling resistance to increase fuel efficiency. These features all work together to provide a better and more comfortable driving experience and driving performance.

The Lexus RX Image source: Lexus

The RX, according to Lexus, "ushers in a new era for the luxury crossover sector," with its technical advancements, improved design, and broad range of powertrain options, including six grades and the F Sport Performance AWD.

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