BKT's Latest-Generation Tyres Help Farmers Avoid Soil Compaction and Preserve Soil Health

As climate change challenges raise awareness of sustainable farming practices, the demand for high-tech tyres in the agricultural machinery industry is growing. BKT, a leading manufacturer of tyres for off-highway vehicles, has designed an extensive range of high-quality products that meet the specific needs of today's farmers. These tyres are specifically designed to help farmers avoid soil compaction and preserve soil health, which is critical for the long-term productivity of their land.

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April 27, 2023

Conventional tillage, i.e. intensive plowing and harrowing, is considered a major threat to the soil structure and function that leads to the loss of soil nutrients and organic matter. In contrast, conservation tillage practices such as light tillage or minimum tillage are becoming more and more popular. For the purpose of preserving soil biodiversity and minimising the alteration of the soil structure, such practices may include covering crops to protect the soil, diversified crop rotation favoring soil micro-organisms, and, as the name suggests, reduced tillage or no-tillage, considering light tillage in the range of 20-25 cm.

BKT's latest-generation tyres, such as AGRIMAX FORCE, AGRIMAX FORTIS, AGRIMAX RT 855, and IF tyre RIB 713, enable farmers to transport heavier loads while avoiding soil compaction. These tyres are suitable for the latest-generation tractors and provide excellent traction, handling, and self-cleaning properties, as well as low-fuel consumption.


AGRIMAX FORCE, BKT’s high-end product that is suitable for both harvesting and transport operations, enabling effective and productive soil tillage even on hard soil. Thanks to the IF technology, AGRIMAX FORCE can carry heavy loads at a lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tyre, reducing soil compaction. It is a great tyre for high-power tractors and combines that provides a comfortable driving experience, excellent traction, outstanding self-cleaning properties, as well as low-fuel consumption. The range includes the IF 750/75 R 46 version, which has a stunning diameter of 2.30 meters. The AGRIMAX FORCE range is the result of BKT’s advanced tyre engineering that meets the challenges of the ever-changing agricultural market.


Enhanced productivity in the fields, and soil preservation thanks to reduced soil compaction, is also ensured by AGRIMAX FORTIS, a tyre that features a reinforced nylon carcass. In addition to excellent traction and handling, it enables the transport of heavy loads even at high speeds of up to 65 km/h.

Part of the same family is AGRIMAX RT 855, a tyre that stands out for both excellent  driving comfort and traction, as well as top self-cleaning properties that allow a rapid transition from field operations to road usage. It also provides exceptional flotation properties on the ground and is ideal for preserving crop productivity.

Designed to prevent soil compaction, there is the IF tyre RIB 713. Compared to a standard tyre, the IF technology enables a larger contact area on the soil along with lower inflation pressure, whilst evenly distributing the weight. The steel-belted casing ensures excellent puncture resistance as well as protection against damages caused by stubbles on the ground.  Thanks to its "D" classified speed rating, the tyre can reach speed peaks of 65 km/h (40 mph) on the road.

BKT's extensive range also includes other tyres that respond to the growing awareness of low soil compaction in modern farming, namely AGRIMAX RT 765, RT 857, and AGRIMAX RT 657. These extraordinarily resistant tyres provide excellent protection against punctures, cuts and stubbles - inevitable risks when tilling the land to prepare it for the next crop season.

For more information on BKT Agricultural range visit: https://www.bkt-tires.com/ww/us/agriculture

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