BKT's Global Trends OTR Talk Show Focuses on Mining Sector Sustainability

BKT, a multinational company who produces tyres for agriculture, industrial, and off-road vehicles, recently hosted the second episode of their talk show, Global Trends OTR. The episode, titled "Sustainability & ESG Environment," focused on the mining sector and its deep transformation towards sustainable practices.

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BKT Tyres
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April 19, 2023

Mining is a crucial industry for the world's economy, but its impact on the environment, people, and local communities can be significant. Therefore, it is necessary for the sector to adopt sustainable goals by adopting more efficient technologies, optimising operating processes, reducing waste production, and assessing material recyclability.

The first interviewee of the show was Craig Guthrie, the Editor-in-Chief of Mining Magazine, who emphasised that the shift to sustainable mining practices is a long, step-by-step process. Guthrie highlighted that companies need to be more open about their operating methods and the risks associated with mining production. He noted that the EU has legislation that will soon require better supply chain transparency. Public opinion still lumps the mining business together with fossil fuel companies, and this needs to be a central theme of future communication in the sector. 

The second guest of the episode was Robert Pell, the founder and CEO of Miniviro, a British consultancy firm that helps global companies in the commodity sector to assess, quantify, and mitigate their impacts. Pell explained that his company provides sustainability plans to their customers, making sure that projects are sustainable across a whole range of risk factors and different impact categories from an environmental perspective.

The third guest of the episode was Fabio Novelli, the Founder, President, and CEO of NTE Process, a technology, and process consultancy company. NTE Process has been working with BKT to help implement sustainable practices at their production site in Bhuj, India.

Click here to watch the entire episode: https://www.bkt-network.com/otr-sustainability-esg 

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