BKT Unveils Bold Growth Plan to Achieve $2 Billion in Turnover by 2025

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February 20, 2023

BKT has revealed its plans to continue its growth strategy with the enhancement of its Bhuj site in India. The project, set to produce 600,000 metric tons (MT) of annual tyre production and achieve $2bn in turnover in three years, aims to bolster the company's income and infrastructure in the global off-highway tyre sector. BKT is no stranger to taking on new challenges, and the new plan is the continuation of its commitment to the market with "limitless courage and passion."

Bhuj, which was inaugurated in 2015, has become a key player in BKT's growth strategy. Since 2012, the plant has seen its area expand from 123 hectares to 283 hectares and a forecasted 323 hectares by the end of 2023. The expansion of the plant means that there is more space to install new machines, increase test areas and ramp up production volumes, which is important to meet the growing demand. The company's business has increased by 49% compared to the pre-pandemic period, proving that the Indian multinational is always ready to meet new challenges.

The Bhuj site has seen the installation of more efficient machinery, which is helping to increase the quantity and quality of the finished product. This has led to a reduction in the amount of product discarded, making the manufacturing process more sustainable, reducing production costs and creating reliable processes. It has also drastically reduced occupational risks and improved worker comfort.

BKT has also invested in its own Carbon Black plant, which came into operation in 2017. The company has increased the production of hard and soft grade carbon black from 65,000 MT to 165,600 MT per annum. Its Research and Development department plans to add a third type of carbon black, the “Specialty carbon black”, which will have unique properties compared to that used in rubber compounds. It is suitable for specific applications, such as paints, plastics, and inks.

The expansion of the Bhuj plant has not only created an increase in production capacity but has also improved employees' safety conditions, allowing the introduction of new specialist workers, greater flexibility in production and storage flows. BKT also invests in the wellbeing of its employees, with a focus on their health, education and the housing of employees' families. At the end of 2022, there were 4,776 employees on the Bhuj site, including 1,000 family members.

Bhuj's growth has helped BKT achieve a leading position in the global off-highway tyre sector. It has become a virtuous model, among the first in the world, in the manufacturing sector as a community factory, and an exemplary way of creating a good use of resources.

Mr. Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director of BKT, said, "The expansion of the Bhuj site is the continuation of our growth strategy that aims at maintaining the leading position of our company in the global off-highway tyre sector. We will keep investing in our people, infrastructure and new technologies to deliver innovative and sustainable products to our customers worldwide."

As BKT continues its journey towards the future, the company is confident that it will continue to achieve its growth goals, thanks to the enhancement at Bhuj, which has provided the company with a solid income and infrastructure in the global off-highway tyre sector.

"We have been able to build a future on Bhuj, and we will keep expanding it," said Mr. Arvind Poddar, Chairman and Managing Director of BKT.

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