BKT Maximize Harvest Efficiency & Productivity with "Cyclic Field Operations" For Both IF & VF Tyres

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February 7, 2023

Agriculture has come a long way, constantly evolving to meet the demands of the ever-growing population. With the advent of modern machinery and technology, it has become possible to cultivate crops with minimal soil compaction and maximum yield. One such technology that has taken the agriculture sector by storm is "Cyclic Field Operations (CFO)" tyres.

Cyclic Field Operations (CFO) is a special marking that appears after the nominal diameter of the rim in the case of IF or VF drive-wheel tyres. It specifically identifies tyres developed for agricultural machinery employed in cyclical field operations. We are talking of robust tyres with a large footprint employed in cycles of moving loads that also include weight peaks.

This is, for instance, the case of combine harvesters during the harvest stage or trailers transporting cereals. For these vehicles a significant weight increase has been recorded in recent years compared to other equipment.

Normally, an IF radial tyre is able to withstand more than 20% of the load compared to a standard radial tyre. If the tyre has also the CFO marking for cyclic field operations, it can withstand even more than 55% of the load without increasing the inflation pressure. 

In addition, tiyes with this type of marking are particularly suitable for wet or muddy field conditions during harvest season. Thanks to a larger footprint on the ground and additional flotation ability, i.e. IF and VF technology, combined with proper cyclical planning, farmers will have more harvesting opportunities. These unique traits of CFO tiyes lead to increased efficiency and productivity in farming operations as well as enhanced tire performance and durability.


BKT, has applied the CFO marking to several of its products. One of its most successful products, the AGRIMAX FORCE, is available in 21 IF sizes with the CFO marking. This tyre is specially designed for combine harvesters or high-power tractors for harvesting, transport, and tillage operations.

Two other products perfect for harvesting operations, AGRIMAX TERIS and AGRIMAX RT 600, are also available in 6 IF sizes with the CFO marking, offering excellent traction and high load capacity in the fields.


Additionally, BKT's top-of-the-range tyre, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, also benefits from the CFO marking in two VF sizes, designed to optimize the performance of high-power, next-generation tractors.

BKT's Commitment to Agriculture: BKT understands the importance of finding the right product for every application in agriculture. The company is committed to expanding and improving its range of products through continuous dialogue with its users and community, ensuring that it meets everybody's multiple needs.

Cyclic Field Operations (CFO) tyres are a game-changer for the agriculture sector. With the ability to withstand heavy loads and weight peaks, as well as providing flotation ability and a larger footprint in wet or muddy conditions, these tyres offer increased efficiency, productivity, and durability for farmers. BKT's range of CFO tyres caters to a variety of applications, ensuring that every farmer finds the right product for their needs.

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