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May 12, 2022

BKT launches a new era and lands in the Metaverse creating BKT Land, a land without boundaries of space and time – an evolution, which has been anticipated by the numerous virtual projects that the Indian multinational has already fine-tuned over recent years.

The Metaverse is a virtual reality in which you can live, interact, and learn more; where you can have immersive experiences through the use of an avatar that allows us to access exclusive and unexplored locations.

Starting with the value of sharing, which pervades every BKT strategy, the company couldn't help but decide to create a virtual environment rich in stimuli and information that is open to anyone who wants to participate.

So, what is BKT Land like? Let us imagine that we open a door and are welcomed by a readily available virtual assistant: Right away, we find a central hall. Our avatar lets us move towards the different areas present at this landing point.

Hence, we can choose to visit three showrooms containing all tire lines divided into the three segments as to the brand positioning: Agriculture, OTR, and Industrial. Every showroom displays over 50 products and we have the opportunity to examine them through 3D exploration to view the products' technical data sheets and other video material.

Besides the showrooms, we can see four thematic areas – let us imagine them as large stands – dedicated to Sponsorships, Network, Fans and Events.

Entering the Sponsorships area means that you can experience closely the sport being part of the BKT world thanks to pictures covering the entire wall so that users can dive into a captivating and unique experience.

In the Events area, you can go through BKT's scheduled international initiatives firsthand. In the Network area, users can take a close look at the BKT universe through the video interviews and contents of the digital hub "BKT Network" that suggests the name for this environment.

Last but not least, you can also experience funny moments: actually, in the Fans area you will not miss virtual challenges or moments of playful entertainment, also together with other users.

Nonetheless, this is just the beginning. Many activities will follow. Since BKT Land is an expanding universe, these four thematic environments will be launched little by little in order to allow users to experience them before passing to the "next level fully".

Finally, BKT recommends exploring BKT Land from the desktop to enjoy its fullest potential, living a fully immersive experience.

Utilizing this initiative, BKT aims to leave a deep mark on its audience, operators, and followers. As the Metaverse suggests, not setting any limit is the key to entering the future. In BKT Land, the future is intangible – this does not mean it is not real.

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