Barum Industry completes Continental solid tyre range

Continental, has recently announced the completion of its solid tyre range with the introduction of Barum Industry.

This strategic addition, alongside the existing Continental and General Tire super elastic ranges, marks the culmination of Continental's three-brand strategy, providing tyre professionals and end users with a comprehensive portfolio of robust solid tyres tailored to different industrial applications and customer requirements.

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June 13, 2023

Meeting Diverse Industrial Needs:

Continental's three-tier brand portfolio, comprising Continental, General Tire, and now Barum, enables the company to offer cost-effective solutions for forklift operators across a wide spectrum of industrial applications. Each brand caters to specific intensity levels, ensuring the ideal tyre solution for different customer segments within the Continental Commercial Specialty Tyres umbrella.

Barum Industry: Value-Oriented Performance:

The newly introduced Barum Industry solid tyre is specifically designed for applications that prioritise cost awareness and involve short operating cycles. Barum tyres have undergone meticulous redesigning to meet the demands of fleets with low utilisation or operations that only intermittently utilise forklift trucks. In such cases, the Barum Industry tyre provides the necessary performance without compromise, delivering value-oriented solutions for low-intensity applications.

Effective Tyre Management:

One of the key challenges faced by fleet operations is managing tyre replacement costs. Continental's comprehensive range of solid tyres, with each brand catering to different application intensities, allows for effective cost management. By selecting the appropriate tyre that aligns with the application's intensity level, forklift operators can optimise operational efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses.

Expert Consultation for the Right Tyre:

Acknowledging the diverse demands of industrial operations, Alex White, Sales Manager for Material Handling in the UK and Ireland, emphasises the expertise of Continental's dedicated team. Through consultation, site surveys, and operational analysis, they assist forklift operators in choosing the right tyre for their specific needs. This personalised approach ensures that customers benefit from tailored solutions that enhance productivity and minimise downtime.

Nationwide Access and Support:

Continental solid tyres, including the newly introduced Barum Industry range, are available through the national independent dealer network, Conti Industrial Fleet Services. Continental has partnered with carefully selected industrial specialists across the UK and Ireland, offering local expertise and support to customers. This collaborative effort not only ensures prompt access to the comprehensive solid tyre range but also facilitates reduced downtime for industrial fleets.

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