Announcing FALKEN's Flagship AZENIS FK520L & AZENIS FK520 Tyres - The Future of Premium Driving

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January 30, 2023

Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. is proud to present the latest addition to the FALKEN tire line, the "AZENIS FK520L" and "AZENIS FK520". These tires have been designed to meet the needs of premium vehicle drivers who demand top-notch cornering performance and excellent wet road handling. With 68 sizes available at launch and competitive pricing, these tires are set to take the market by storm starting on March 1 in Japan, with a subsequent launch in Europe, North America and other regions.

The Evolution of the AZENIS Line

The "AZENIS FK520L" and "AZENIS FK520" represent the next generation of the highly-acclaimed "AZENIS FK510". In 2021, the "AZENIS FK510" was rated No. 1 in overall performance by Europe's largest automobile federation, ADAC. The following year, the "AZENIS FK510" received a No. 1 rating for its wear performance, solidifying its position as a top tire in the market.

Proprietary Tread Pattern for Maximum Performance

FALKEN has developed a left-right asymmetrical tread pattern that provides the cornering performance that premium vehicle drivers require. The outside blocks of the tire are designed with increased rigidity, providing a solid grip and allowing for quick, responsive handling. The tread pattern also features wider grooves for improved water drainage, ensuring a high level of all-around performance even on wet roads at high speeds.

Advanced Rubber Compound for Longevity and Performance

The "AZENIS FK520L" and "AZENIS FK520" adopt a rubber compound that incorporates "Sustainable Silica Dispersion Agent", an advanced, all-natural biomaterial that enhances bonding between rubber and silica. This results in longer tire life without sacrificing performance, whether on dry or wet roads.

Elegant Design with a Powerful Impact

In addition to their exceptional performance, the "AZENIS FK520L" and "AZENIS FK520" also boast an eye-catching design. The tires feature the popular "Nano Black", a proprietary technique that adds fine ridges to the FALKEN logo on the sidewall to create a deeper shade of black and suppress light reflection.

The Future of Premium Driving

FALKEN's "AZENIS FK520L" and "AZENIS FK520" tires offer premium vehicle drivers the best of both worlds - top-notch performance and elegant design. With their advanced technology and superior handling, these tires are the future of premium driving.

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